Nutgrass Control

Nutgrass (Nutsedge) is a specialized weed problem. This “weed” cannot be controlled with conventional herbicides. A premium control product requiring special applications is available. It can achieve 80-90% control of Nutgrass, after 2 specialty applications. It normally requires regular treatments every summer to keep it under control.

Nutgrass, by the nature of its reproductive system, can only be suppressed – not permanently eradicated, therefore it will likely return the following season. Our Nutgrass control program is a great value as we will guarantee control of this difficult weed for the season and re-apply the product as many times as needed.

Repeat applications year after year will be required for control, as there are always dormant tubers not affected by the treatment which can sprout later in the season or next year.


Our treatment is guaranteed for this season only.