Lawn insects are a homeowner’s nemesis. If you are serious about having an insect-free lawn, then you need to know the right steps to take for lawn insect control. Turf damaging insects in North Texas can quickly turn your lawn into an eyesore, but Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control can help.

Common Types of Lawn Insects in North Texas

At Nutri Green, we have researched the common local turf damaging insects. Our annual grub worm application helps in controlling the following surface feeding insects:

Grub Worms

Grub worms are a major threat to North Texas lawns. Every year we have seen many thousands of dollars in damage to non treated turf. Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control’s grub treatment is pre-emptive and is applied during the early stages of the larvae growth to prevent an infestation. Since grubs live in the soil, the materials must also be watered into the lawn to be effective.

Nutri Green Lawn Grub Control Soil

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are a major threat to turf grasses. But, they’re considered the most damaging insect for St. Augustine grass. Chinch bugs suck the juices out of the grass blades and inject toxins into the leaf blades causing the grass to die.

Nutri Green Chinch Bugs

Army Worms

Army worms should be considered a real lawn problem when they show up in large numbers. These tiny worms can destroy a thousand square feet of lawn a day!

Nutri Green Army Worms

Nutri Green Lawn Insect Control Services

Our standard Lawn Care Program includes a required, once-a-year Grub Control application. This is an important part of our comprehensive lawn care treatment program that not only helps to keep your lawn weed-free but also protects it from turf damaging insects.

Schedule your lawn care program today and keep your lawn protected!

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