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Our Custom Tailored Lawn
Program consists of 8 annual visits.

Not all lawns are the same, beware of any company that gives you a prescribed program for treating them as such!

Our highly qualified and experienced specialist will evaluate your lawn on each visit and determine exactly what your specific needs are at that time. Sometimes that means making extra trips across the lawn with special nutrients, weed control or insect & disease control products. In other words, whatever your lawn needs is what we will give it, in the right amount and at the right time.

Here’s an example of what your Lawn Care Program would look like:

Round One – This visit is vital to controlling weeds for the entire season. Pre and Post-emergent weed controls are applied.

Round Two – Special nutrient boost is applied to help prepare your lawn for green up and promote growth as soil temperatures begin warming up. Crabgrass preventative and Broadleaf weed controls applied.

Round Three – Slow release fertilizers, Crabgrass, and Broadleaf weed control applied. Spot treatment for disease as needed.

Round Four – Summer conditions can be very stressful for your lawn. Special time-released nutrients applied to help your lawn prepare for summer stresses. Post-emergent grassy weed control applied on Bermuda lawns as needed. Annual Grub Worm preventative treatment applied.

Round Five – Granular time-released nutrients are applied to maintain color, without pushing top growth. We will scout for weeds, and inspect for insects, or disease.

Round Six – Your lawn needs help in recovering from summer stress. Nutrients applied to aid in recovery and continue to maintain control of weeds and pests. Surface feeding insect controls and spot treatment for disease as needed.

Round Seven – Pre-emergent is applied to prevent winter weeds, special fertilizers to stimulate the storage of carbohydrates for early Spring green-up. Weed control as needed. Spot treatment for disease as needed.

Round Eight – Broadleaf & winter grassy weeds are a big problem in the cooler season when the turf is no longer actively growing. We will apply specialized Pre and Post-emergent products to address these issues.

Learn more about the Lawn Care services that Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control provides year-round for our customers here in NE Tarrant and Southern Denton Counties:

Weed Control

You hate weeds…so do we! Every application includes individually prescribed applications of a wide variety of pre- and post-emergent products to address a multitude of weed species found here in North Texas. With our advanced proprietary equipment and trucks, we judiciously apply weed control products only when and where necessary.

Nutri Green Lawn Dandelions Weed Control

Lawn Fertilization

Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control uses both dry-granular and liquid fertilizers, depending on your lawn’s needs. Your lawn will always have the proper balance of nutrients feeding your root system. You can rest easy knowing that we’re keeping your lawn healthy.

Nutri Green Lawn Dandelions Weed Control

Gypsum Soil Treatments vs Lawn Aeration

Overwhelming evidence from university research has proven over the last few years that mechanical aeration is not as beneficial as once thought. We offer gypsum soil amendments as a more beneficial and cost-effective alternative.

Nutri Green Lawn Treatment Gypsum Soil Treatment

Lawn Damaging Insects

We are constantly monitoring your property to help keep damaging insects under control in order to maintain the health of your turf throughout the year. Our basic lawn care program includes everything you need!

Nutri Green Lawn Insect Control

Lawn Diseases

Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control has the experience to tackle even the toughest lawn diseases that can occur in NE Tarrant and Southern Denton Counties here in North Texas.

Nutri Green Lawn Diseases

Special Services

Based on our findings, highly specialized applications for specific issues are available to help address the needs of your lawn.

Nutri Green Lawn Fire Ants