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Lawn Aeration Services

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Gypsum Soil Treatment vs Lawn Aeration

Lawn gypsum treatments are less than HALF the cost of traditional aeration, with greater benefits!

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Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control provides specialty lawn aeration services in the greater Fort Worth area. While many lawn care companies provide mechanical core aeration, we do things a little differently. 

Gypsum aeration is an all-natural alternative to using a mechanical aerator. It is not disruptive to your grass roots and is much more effective. The future of lawn aeration is gypsum!

Gypsum Aeration is Better for Lawns

Core aeration is the traditional lawn care method of mechanically removing small cores/plugs from the soil. The purpose is to reduce soil compaction, lawn thatch and improve nutrient/water uptake. 

Overwhelming evidence from university research has proven over the last few years that mechanical aeration is not as beneficial as once thought. Core aeration in many cases actually increases compaction of clay soils and the benefits are short-lived. Furthermore, mechanical lawn aeration poses the risk of damaging sprinkler heads. The heavy machinery may also harm surface roots of trees and shrubs potentially spreading turf disease.

Here at Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control, we have long been committed to adapting our lawn care program to the latest and most advanced technology. With this in mind, we offer Gypsum Soil Treatment Services as a more beneficial and cost-effective alternative.

The use of gypsum applications preserves soil structure and won't disturb your grass or harm your landscape. Because gypsum is a naturally occurring mineral, it makes perfect sense as a lawn treatment.

Applying gypsum aeration helps in breaking up compact soil as well as changing the structure of the soil that may be compromised. This treatment will help restore your grass from heavy foot traffic, drought, or erosion. Although gypsum may not be traditional lawn aeration, it is more effective. The natural mineral allows nutrients and fertilizer to reach grass roots more evenly. 

Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control always recommends having your grass treated with lawn gypsum instead of traditional core aeration. Your grass deserves the best to look its best. Nutri Green delivers the lawn aeration service your lawn needs to be healthy all year!​ 

When Should You Aerate Your Lawn with Gypsum in North Texas?

If you live in North Texas (Northeast Tarrant County and Southern Denton County) the best time to aerate your lawn is early-mid summer. This is the growing season in North Texas. Homeowners should aerate their lawn every year. Gypsum is a better alternative to traditional aeration and should be applied early-mid summer.

Lawn aeration can remedy a number of lawn issues. Here are some signs you lawn needs to be aerated:

  • You notice that your lawn has poor drainage after rain
  • You have a lot of foot traffic on your lawn
  • Your grass isn’t as green as it used to be

Our team of lawn experts can schedule lawn gypsum applications to work with regular fertilizer treatments for optimal growth.

Effective lawn care isn’t just about what kind of fertilizer you use, it’s also about the right timing. Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control creates a seasonal schedule around your lawn’s needs, working with you for optimal care. 

Combined with Nutri Green’s lawn care program, gypsum treatments will ensure that your lawn will remain healthy, green, and lush all year long. 

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