Lawn Disease Control

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Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control has the experience to tackle even the toughest lawn diseases that can occur here in NE Tarrant and Southern Denton Counties.

Some turf disease situations particularly in St. Augustine grass, may or may not be controllable, but our highly skilled lawn care service specialists will be able to recommend advanced specialized applications as well as provide expert advice with regard to cultural practices and alternative turf selections.

Some of the lawn disease we help control are:

  • Brown Patch
  • Dollar Spot
  • Zoysia Patch
  • Gray Leaf Spot
  • Powdery Mildew
  • ​Summer Patch

Need​ Lawn Disease Control?

Nutri Green Lawn Diseases

A healthy lawn doesn’t happen by accident. In Northeast Tarrant County and Southern Denton County, many lawn diseases can destroy your lawn in just one growing season. At Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control, our skilled lawn care service specialists offer lawn disease control services that will help tackle some of North Texas most common diseases.

Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control Has the Experience to Tackle Even the Toughest Lawn Diseases that Can Occur Here in NE Tarrant County and Southern Denton County

Keeping your lawn green and vibrant requires the right care, and that starts with proper diagnosis of common lawn diseases. At Nutri Green, we have the knowledge and experience to tackle all types of lawn diseases here in North Texas, even those most resistant to common repair. Here are some common problems you might experience:

Brown Patch

If you notice large discolored patches that grow several feet wide, it may be brown patch. This occurs when your grass starts growing fungus, and high temperatures make it a common problem in Tarrant County as well as southern Denton County. It doesn’t take long for brown patch to kill large pieces of your lawn, but we can help with grass fungus treatments.


As the name implies, rust causes the grass to turn a rusty color. This starts with yellowing of the grass, and eventually causes the lawn to thin and die. Moist soil that has low nitrogen levels is usually the cause.​

Dollar Spot

White or beige spots on the grass blades in areas six inches wide or smaller, spread throughout the lawn, are the tell-tale sign of dollar spot. Though the spots seem small at first, they can quickly spread and kill your grass, so you need to call us right away.

Summer Patch

Slow growing lawns that are dotted with irregular patches and rings that are brown or yellow in color are a sign of summer patch. This disease is caused by a destructive fungus that attacks the grass at the root level. It can survive over the winter months and create serious problems in the spring and summer growing season.

Gray Leaf Spot

Leaf spot is identified by dark lesions on the grass blades. This occurs when the roots rot in the summer. When the temperatures in NE Tarrant County and Southern Denton County start to rise in the summer, the grass will die off, leaving you with bare patches.​

Zoysia Patch

Zoysia patch is caused by fungus in zoysia grass. When you start noticing small circles of damage, with sunken grass that takes on a yellow or orange color, it is a good sign that you have zoysia patch. This disease will spread and damage your lawn during the hot season if you don’t treat it.

Powdery Mildew

Fungal growth on the grass blades causes powdery mildew. This looks like a powdery substance on the grass blades, as if someone dropped baby powder on the grass. It can easily go unnoticed in early stages, only to grow and become a serious problem as it spreads.

If you’re noticing any of these problems, you’ll want to call us right away. Our lawn care experts have the right lawn disease control techniques to take care of mold, mildew, and other diseases, so you can enjoy a healthy lawn all summer long.

We Treat Brown Spots on Your Lawn and More

If you notice brown spots or see that your lawn is starting to turn yellow or change colors, it could be a sign of disease. Don’t wait. With one call to Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control, you can take decisive action against these diseases, so your lawn can thrive and maintain its health. The longer you wait to get help, the more invasive the disease can become, so call at the first sign of trouble.

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The Nutri Green Lawn Care and Weed Control Program addresses all potential problems with your lawn, so it will grow well. Whether you suspect you have a lawn disease, want to know you’re feeding your lawn well, or are looking for help to destroy lawn pests, our lawn care specialists can get the job done. Get started with our program today, and know that you will have a healthy lawn all summer long.​