Lawn Insect Control

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The Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control program ​helps control ​all ​lawn damaging insects.

Here at Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control, we are consistently monitoring your lawn to help prevent insect damage. Our standard Lawn Care program includes a once per year Grub Worm treatment. This additional grub control service not only aids in preventing grub worm damage, but we also treat non-preventable surface feeding insects as well such as Chinch Bugs, Army worms and Bermuda Mites should they occur.

Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control provides services to address lawn and landscape damaging insects or fire ants. We are not a general pest control provider.

Need Lawn Damaging Insect Control?

Nutri Green Lawn Insects

At Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control, our goal is to help your lawn look its best all year long. Lawn insect control is an important part of that, as we strive to protect your lawn from damaging insects. Our standard Lawn Care Program includes a required, once-a-year treatment for grubs, and this grub control treatment also prevents other lawn pests from damaging your grass. If you are looking for comprehensive lawn care that includes yard pest control, we are ready to assist.

The Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control Program Helps Control All Lawn Damaging Insects

At Nutri Green, we have researched the common local pests and have created a lawn care program that addresses them all. Our grub treatment controls grubs as well as:

  • Chinch Bugs
  • Army Worms
  • Bermuda Mites

These pests can damage the lawn in one of two ways. Some, like grubs, damage the lawn from the root, which prevents healthy growth. Others, like army worms and Bermuda mites, feed on the blade. Either way, the result is the same – an unhealthy lawn that struggles to grow well.

In addition, Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control has a specialty treatment program to control fire ants. While these may not be a threat to your lawn, they are a threat to your enjoyment of your lawn. With Nutri Green’s help, you can decisively take action against them and protect your summer fun.

Why Is Lawn Insect Control Important?

Lawn pests are more than just a nuisance. If left unchecked, they can destroy your grass. It does not take long for lawn insects to devastate the lawn you have worked so hard to cultivate. Lawn pest control is a crucial part of preventative lawn care towards the overall health of your lawn. You can fertilize and add herbicides all year long, but if you have any unwanted pests feeding on your lawn, it will not grow well.

At Nutri Green Lawn Treatment & Weed Control, our lawn pest control program treats the entire lawn for any specific needs we find. If you suspect you have a lawn pest problem, our technicians will come and perform an inspection, then create a customized plan to deal with them as part of your overall lawn care plan. Whether the insects are putting your family at risk or your lawn at risk, you can trust our locally-owned company to help take care of the problem.

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