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Nutri Green offers a variety of beneficial services to address special needs in your lawn or landscape.

Our highly experienced turf and ornamental specialist may recommend specialized applications for certain types of concerns identified on your property.

Season-Long Grub Worm Control

Grub worms are a major threat to North Texas lawns. Every year we have seen many thousands of dollars in damage to non treated turf. Our grub worm preventative is applied in the Summer and provides season-long control of grub worms. This is a tremendous value when you consider the cost of replacing damaged turf.

Grubs are the larvae of the June Beetle. Damage to the lawn is only caused by the new larvae that feed July through October. You will see large adult grubs year round, they are no longer in the feeding stage and do not damage turf. Our grub treatment does not kill grubs, it prevents them from feeding on your lawn.

A white grub infestation is caused when various types of adult beetles, including Japanese beetles, lay eggs in your lawn. These eggs hatch as larva and burrow into the soil to feed on grass roots, causing the grass to brown and die. As grubs continue to grow and feed, the damaged areas become larger. Once grubs change into beetles they may even begin to feed on ornamental plants. If the infestation is severe, white grubs can kill large areas of your yard.

Nutri Green’s grub treatment is pre-emptive and is applied during the early stages of the larvae growth to prevent an infestation. Since grubs live in the soil, the materials must also be watered into the lawn to be effective.

If left untreated, grubs can DESTROY your lawn quickly & be costly to repair!

With this annual service, we also treat non preventable surface feeding insects such as: Chinch Bugs, Army Worms & Bermuda Mites should they occur.​

The annual grub control is necessary to control the weeds & to make the basic program viable. Grubs are a problem to one degree or another on all lawns in our area. They thin out the root system of the turf & this is what allows the weeds to encroach. You do not have an effective weed management strategy in our area without addressing this issue.

To ensure great results for our customers the Annual Grub Worm Treatment is a mandatory part of our basic service package.

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Season-Long Grub Worm Control

Grubs are a problem to one degree or another on all lawns in our area. You do not have an effective weed management strategy in our area without addressing this issue.

Advanced 1 Year Fire Ant Control

Nutri Green offers the industry’s most effective solution for long term control of fire ants featuring Top Choice Technology. This service includes a FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY & covers flower beds as well as your entire lawn.

Spot treatment of mounds or even broadcast applications of homeowner available products are rarely effective, as it only moves the fire ants temporarily to a new location and does not prevent their reoccurrence.

Top Choice Technology works like no other fire ant control option and is a great value for a long term solution.


Fire Ant control is available for Nutri Green customers


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Advanced 1 Year Fire Ant Control

Dallisgrass Control

Nutri Green has a specialized product for the control of Dallisgrass in residential lawns that to our knowledge no other company still has inventories of.

This very unattractive perennial grass can only be controlled during the warm summer months & only with a very specialized program. Two specially timed service visits, spaced approximately 7-21 days apart, are scheduled in the summer. This application cannot be performed in a St. Augustine or Zoysiagrass lawn. It may be applied in Bermuda lawns only. Dallisgrass is the most difficult to control of all weeds.

Dallisgrass is a perennial grass with light-green color. Dallisgrass is easily identified by its long seed-heads that protrude from the top. Dallisgrass tends to thrive in wet areas with lots of heat, and grows in circles out from the center of the weed.


We want our valued customers to know what to expect with our dallisgrass control. Expected results from our specialized applications are 50% to 70% control over the course of the summer. Depending upon the severity, it can take many years to fully control dallisgrass from your property. The dallisgrass control applications will be a part of your annual renewing services with us, unless specified otherwise.

Dallisgrass can only be treated in the warm summer months. Temporary discoloration will occur in the areas where treated. This is a normal & neccessary part of the process of controlling Dallisgrass. It is necessary to mow at least once per week to keep it from spreading. Proper summer watering practices as outlined are very important to assist in promoting turf density to combat this most difficullt annual weed.

Dallisgrass control is available for Nutri Green customers

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Dallisgrass Control

Gypsum Soil Treatments

Gypsum is an all organic mineral consisting mainly of calcium. It is safe, non-burning and water activated. Clay soils can be loosened to a depth of 3”-6” by making TWO APPLICATIONS per year.

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Gypsum Soil Treatments

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